The pen that we see today, there are many brands, colors, sizes and types, which is considered as an important stationery in the life of a person from children to some people. There are many types to use in the workplace. different Because if we do not care much about the brand We can buy many pens at a cheap price when the ink pen runs out. The most commonly used for writing in daily life is a ballpoint pen because it is inexpensive and easy to use.

Ballpoint pen has come a long time The first person who invented it was "Biro". At first, he started the copyright registration in 1938, but then did not really start to do so. Was the scene of the Second World War, then he fled to France, Spain and circulated in many other countries Until finally living in Argentina for two years, until in 1940, he was rescued by a brother who is a chemist at that time. And both began to produce and develop ballpoint pens for sale Which, in their opinion, was not that easy because at that time they lost money Therefore he had to agree to sell the copyrights with what he invented for just a few dollars With the British and American military service. Later, the government sold the copyright to BIC, France. And began producing BIC brand ballpoint pens for sale worldwide. Sold up to 10 million pieces per day And this is the origin of the ballpoint pen that Biro invented But not the manufacturer and sold around the world. How to get to know people, he is the inventor of the ballpoint pen to carry up anyway The specialty of the ballpoint pen until known Until people use it It is easy to use and good inexpensive. There are many colors of ink to choose from. There are many sizes. Over time, the ballpoint pens are manufactured in many brands. Which is why the competition for customers Whether in terms of quality, clarity Writing confidently that ink will not leak out. Smooth writing, easy writing, good writing, not jam, missing etc.

All of this is The history of the ballpoint pen That we have been using for a long time Since the past to the present Being developed to have more and more quality Are very important to us in our daily lives Whether memorizing When we write on paper Notebooks allow us to live more easily. Write the knowledge you study Write feelings on a diary or other things as we want, would like to use the pen to help with anything that facilitates us.

History of soft drinks

 Hundreds of years ago A European geologist discovered a clear mineral water. Drink better to thirst. Because the mineral water contains carbon dioxide When drinking Then react with the body By helping to absorb heat from our bodies Makes us feel fresh and cool
Later, in the early 19th century, a pharmacist used high pressure to compress carbon dioxide into the water. In order to produce the first version of soft drinks. As a result, it appears that those soft drinks, even after drinking, feel fresh. But without a taste Only tastiness Therefore, it has been developed by adding a mixture of sugar, fruit juice and various fragrances into a soft drink with many different colors, flavors, aromas and a lot of people. Until this popularity has been passed down to the present
Soft drinks are a type of drink that does not contain alcohol. There are different colors. Many people like to drink and can be found online in stores that sell beverages. Popular in the form of cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.

Candy History

      In the Middle Ages in Europe, sucrose was used as a base for making desserts. After the Persians have been able to grow sugar cane and purify sugar since the 15th century and are popular today. During the 15-16 century, candy, hard or boiled sweets were produced, compressed sweets, and sweets with mixed fruits and dried nuts. Which has a long shelf life and has remained like this for a while