History of soft drinks

 Hundreds of years ago A European geologist discovered a clear mineral water. Drink better to thirst. Because the mineral water contains carbon dioxide When drinking Then react with the body By helping to absorb heat from our bodies Makes us feel fresh and cool
Later, in the early 19th century, a pharmacist used high pressure to compress carbon dioxide into the water. In order to produce the first version of soft drinks. As a result, it appears that those soft drinks, even after drinking, feel fresh. But without a taste Only tastiness Therefore, it has been developed by adding a mixture of sugar, fruit juice and various fragrances into a soft drink with many different colors, flavors, aromas and a lot of people. Until this popularity has been passed down to the present
Soft drinks are a type of drink that does not contain alcohol. There are different colors. Many people like to drink and can be found online in stores that sell beverages. Popular in the form of cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.

      Caleb Bradham wants the pharmacy to become a meeting place for people. He does as many pharmacists do, including a soda dispenser in the pharmacy. In which he serves drinks to customers with his own soda water, which is Mixture of carbonate water, cola, vanilla and essential oil His customers called this "Brad’s Drink" and Caleb changed his name to "Pepsi-Cola" and advertised his new drink to his favorite customers. When Pepsi-Cola sales began to increase, he started a company and began Marketed for his new drink until in 1902, he started the Pepsi-Cola company in the room behind the pharmacy He patented a trademark and was granted a patent on 16 June 1903.
At first he mixed the drink by himself and sold it through the water dispenser. But soon Caleb began to realize that there was a good opportunity waiting. That is Pepsi-Cola bottling. So that every People in general will be able to taste his drinks.